Sikhala calls for Independence celebrations boycott


Speaking at a press conference at the Media Centre in Harare, Sikhala said, Mugabe has monopolized the Independence Day to suit his own delusionary agendas.

“The MDC-99 is instructing its leaders, members, supporters and the general public to shun the so-called independence celebrations on 18 April 2012. Everyone is instructed to be at their homes or go to social gatherings for relaxation, strategizing how to regain our freedom and independence from the current tyrannical oppressors

There is nothing to celebrate on the so called Independence Day as the people of Zimbabwe have been under colossal oppression, denial of their basic freedoms, human rights and the right to choose leaders of their own choice,” Sikhala said.

Sikhala who described President Robert Mugabe as a tyrannical oppressor masquerading as a president said Independence Day is a day of mourning the loss of true independence saying the people of Zimbabwe are endlessly mourning the death of heroes such as Tongogara, Chitepo and Lookout Masuku amongst others.

Sikhala further pointed out that independent Zimbabwe has seen more people dying than in Ian Douglas Smith’s time.

“The regime has driven more people into exile than Smith. Unemployment is higher than during Smith’s time, dictatorship and oppression has been intensified more than during Ian Douglas Smith’s time. Torture and detentions of political rivals has accelerated more than during Ian Smith’s time,” he said.

The combative MDC-99 leader noted that the people of Zimbabwe should fight to reclaim their independence.

“Me and you have no ownership of Zimbabwe’s independence,” he said.

Zimbabwe will mark 32 years of independence on the 18th of April 2012. The celebrations will be held at the National Sports Stadium.

Article By Thomas Madhuku


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