Chaos reigns supreme at upfumi kuvadiki press conference

A Tatenda Marodza, who claimed to be the Secretary General of stormed into the Sable Room at the Harare Club where the meeting was being held and called a halt to the proceedings, claiming that the people

who had called for the meeting were bogus and were not recognized by the organization.

Alson Darikai who was addressing the press conference and claiming to be the organization’s President tried to continue with the meeting to no avail, as his “rivals” were equally determined to end the meeting.

The press briefing had been called to upraise Zimbabweans on Upfumi Kuvadiki’s position on Indigenisation and youth empowerment in the country, with regard such issues as the CABS Youth Fund, the Easipark deal, and the participation of foreigners in retail and wholesale sectors.

Alson had mentioned the under-performance of the fund and urged CABS, the Ministry of Youth and Indigenisation and the Zimbabwe Youth Council to engage the youth and organize a round table discussion with all youth organizations and other interested stakeholders for a review of the facility for the benefit of the youths.

Darikai went on to hail Upfumi Kuvadiki for being the first to expose the fraudulent nature deal between Easipark and Harare City Council, over a year ago, describing the current arrangement as fraught with corruption.

“The current arrangement is fraught with gross under-performance and since nothing has been paid to the City to improve services, the parking fees are extortionist, thus promoting underhand tendencies…” said Darikai.

Concerning foreign participation in the retail and wholesale sectors, Alson said foreign Africans in business in Zimbabwe should be treated humanely considering that we also have our brothers and sisters in the diaspora who needed to be treated with equal humanity.

He however went on to say that the same foreigners should no longer be given new licenses. “With immediate effect, no new licenses should be given to foreigners for retail and wholesale businesses…” he said.

Members of the rival faction accused Alson and his team of being imposters who were taking advantage of the organization’s hard work.

They condemned their “go it alone” policy saying although they shared the same sentiments with Alson and his team, they were not going to watch them implement the organisation’s goals without the organisation’s approval.

“Some of us spent sleepless nights drafting the organisation’s constitution and now you want to take advantage of us…”, shouted one a person  from the rival faction as he made efforts to end the meeting.

Before, the final disruption, Alson expressed his hopes of seeing growth in the involvement of black Zimbabweans in the retail and wholesale sector


By Mercy Ngwebvu, Picture by Talent Madamombe

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