ZOYP launches democratization agenda

ZOYP Secretariat

The youth group said the democratic agenda will involve petitioning the leadership of Zimbabwe, the SADC appointed facilitator and President of South Africa Jacob Zuma, the African Union and the United Nations to create an enabling environment for the next polls in Zimbabwe.
Key among their demands is a new constitution, security sector and media reforms, extensive voter education, an independent electoral commission, the repealing of Public Order and Security Act (POSA) and the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA).
“We are saying NO to elections before levelling the ground for a free race,” said Nkosilathi Moyo the Director of the youth group.
Moyo further noted that the current electoral conditions were similar to those that prevailed in the last election leading to the disputed outcome in June 2008.
“Elections cannot be held if conditions prevailing in the country are similar to those that were prevailing during the disputed 2008 elections,” he added.
Jasper Maposa, ZOYP Programs Manager indicated that the democratic agenda is premised on the need to give the people of Zimbabwe the right to chart the way forward in terms of elections.
“Politicians have spoken but the people who will vote have never been given the chance to talk,” said Maposa.
Zimbabwe has been drawn into the elections debate due to the infighting currently rocking the inclusive government over the possibility of polls this year.
Zanu PF is threatening to pull out of the GPA if the other parties continue to drag their feet in the constitution making process, thus creating a political crisis that may lead to snap elections.
Speaking at a lecture series in the capital last week Zanu PF activist Goodison Nguni said they were tired of the half man half beast kind of government and believes elections are the only solution to end a dysfunctional marriage of inconvenience.
MDC-T on the other hand is demanding that key reforms outlined in the Global Political Agreement (GPA) should be implemented before elections.


By Thomas Madhuku

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