Nzenza pleads with UN for food aid

Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare – Hon Sekesai Nzenza appeals for UN food aid


Public Service and Labour minister Sekai Nzenza yesterday pleaded with the United Nations (UN) agencies in Zimbabwe to be supportive of the country’s calls for food aid after the 2018/19 drought season and  Cyclone Ida that left over 5,2 million in need of food aid.

Nzenza made the call at the National Art gallery in Harare where she jointly opened an art  exhibition on disaster, risk education and human response  with UN resident co-ordinator Maria Ribero.

She expressed gratitude to UN agencies who have been supportive in the drought situation.

“We are experiencing drought right now, we are experiencing hunger and when we are experiencing hunger, we are all unsafe,” Nzenza said.

She added her ministry co-ordinates the implementation of social protection of activities under the national action plan for orphans and vulnerable children to assist the current situation and the Cyclone Idai victims.

Nzenza called for support of vulnerable people around society by providing them with basic needs such as water, food and shelter and social psycho support.

The minister said she has resorted to solar energy at her rural home at a personal level as a response to climate change, hence urged the public to adopt introduced climate change strategies.

Meanwhile, Ribero highlighted that Zimbabwe was undergoing climate change, which has resulted in drought and UN and its agencies have responded in a way of raising awareness to the people.

“The drought situation in Zimbabwe is further worsened by the economic challenges which Zimbabwe is going through,” Ribero said.

The UN and its agencies have assisted Zimbabwe in various programmes by providing relief aid to disaster affected communities.


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