Protesters in Custody Sexually Abused by Police Officers – Justice For Women


The Justice for Women revealed that the police are sexually abusing women in their custody. Justice for Women spokesperson Coezette Chirinda said they are aggrieved by violence perpetrated by state institutions towards women.
Speaking at a Press conference held at the Media Centre, Ms Chirinda stated that violence against women is disturbing since the police are supposed to be protectors and not perpetrators of violence. She added that recent police brutality has been seen through the recent abductions, assaults, detentions and sexual abuse of female activists.
A number of women activists are victims of police brutality. These are Linda Masarira who has been detained for over 60 days, Kerena Gweshe who was abducted, beaten and dumped at Harare Central Police station, Mandowa Manezhu, jailed soon after the first National Reform Electoral Agenda (NERA) organised demonstration leaving behind a very small baby and a woman in her late 60s who was also abducted, tortured, and raped by a young boy.
The Justice for Women organisation said that these violations and abuses are state sponsored and must stop. She also mentioned that so far six breastfeeding women are being detained and their babies are at home.
With their banner showing women who were stripped naked and assaulted on the Saturday 17 September 2016 demonstration Chirinda explained that these women were carried around in a van full of drunk anti riot-police officers who took turns to assault them. She said that the police should protect women.
The organisation demanded the government to stop violence against women making sure perpetrators are brought to book within the next seven days.

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