VIVA Zimbabwe call for youth participation

Acie Lumumba the Chairman of a newly emerging political party by the name Viva Zimbabwe addressed journalists at Media Centre today, the 2nd day of August 2016, in a bid to give a brief update of the party for the month of July and as well as the current situation in the country.

Mr Lumumba gave an update of the preparations of launching the youth political front in September this year. He alluded to the fact that the preparations were marred with the application of violent means by Zanu PF through unconstitutionally arresting and detaining VIVA Zimbabwe party members.

Speaking at the Press conference, Mr Lumumba said that there is nothing wrong with the Zimbabwean economy, but the problem lies with the people in charge of running the Zimbabwean economy. Mr Lumumba argued that the decisions by the majority of the citizens in the next polls will significantly determine the next chapter of the country.

Mr Lumumba indicated that it is now high time that the youth should be accommodated in every political space thereby coming up with new ideas that go a long way in reviving the country. This idea of accommodating the youth in politics comes against the backdrop of suppression of the youths in decision making processes. This, according to Mr Lumumba, can be seen whereby the youths aspire for opportunities in an environment where the opportunities are hardly prevailing. More so, the youths aspire to kick-start their businesses but lack finances to start their businesses.

Furthermore, Lumumba noted that the country is in a serious crisis evidenced by a plethora of activities in the country including the case of war vets who are being terrorized by the incumbent regime. On that note, he firmly supported the efforts by the freedom fighters of trying to denounce the unjust acts by Zanu Pf. Moreover, Mr Lumumba castigated the president for presiding over the current crisis coupled by failing the people on numerous occasions. He mentioned a situation whereby the president promised 2.2 million jobs to the citizens but dismally failed to deliver the promise.

In addition to the above, Mr Lumumba indicated that the support of the president is slowly vanishing away. On this note, Lumumba gave various case studies whereby a number of dictators left office the same way and these are Gaddafi in Libya, Mussolini in Italy only to mention a few.

Asked if his party will be contesting for political office in the 2018 elections, Mr Lumumba said that the party will definitely be running for every seat including the presidency. However, he explicitly highlighted that he is not yet interested in political power but rather driven by the desire to advocate for the existence of a youth-led government in Zimbabwe fully armed with new ideas on how to effectively and efficiently govern the country. He urged the youths to do all the processes that make them eligible to vote in 2018.


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