CSOs denounce police brutality

Various Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Zimbabwe have condemned the acts of brutality by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) which is assaulting citizens who are peacefully demonstrating against government failure to address economic issues.

By Takunda Mandura

Reading a press statement by various CSOs in the streets of Harare today, 5 July 2016, the National Vendors Union Zimbabwe Board Chairperson, Stan Zvorwadza expressed CSOs discontentment over the move by government and regarded it as a human rights abuse.

“It is criminal for the government to abuse its resources and power to crush ordinary citizens as being observed in Beitbridge, Epworth, Mabvuku and other areas where protests are under way.” Zvorwadza explained.

Zvorwadza condemned the use of violence on ordinary citizens as it is the role of the government to uphold human rights.

“As civic society we condemn the use of violence as a response to ordinary citizens airing their grievances with government. The response of the state has been ruthless, brutal and has neglected the basic tenets of respect for fundamental human rights and the obligations of the state,”

He added that CSOs are pledging solidarity to the protest by citizens as they are expressing their grievances to the government

“We are in full solidarity with the ordinary citizens who are asking the right questions to government and placing their legitimate demands but are being met with naked brutality.”

He went on to urge the government to uphold and respect the constitution.

“The government must be reminded of its obligations and duties as defined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment 20 chapter 4 as well as the various international treaties, conventions and protocols to which Zimbabwe is party to.”

Zvorwadza highlighted that the demands by civic organization groups which include: 

  • Immediate payment, in full, of civil servant salaries
  • Immediate repealing of anti-people economic policies, legislation and conduct.
  • The state must respect freedom of speech, of the media, assembly and to petition as set out in the national constitution.
  • The government must put an end to corruption, arrest and incarcerate those who have looted the economy empty.



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