Resist political manipulation, youths urged

LOCAL pressure group, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC), has urged youths to guard against being manipulated and used as cannon fodder by greedy politicians who then dump them soon after achieving their goals.


In a statement yesterday, CiZC said: “Zimbabwean youth needs to put aside petty political differences and fight for the common good and this can only be done by resisting political manipulation and activities that only serve personal interests of the political elite at the expense of the nation’s cohesion and development.”

CiZC expressed concern over the continuous manipulation of youths by “greedy politicians” at a time the government has failed to deliver on its electoral promises.

“We are deeply concerned over the continued manipulation of youths by rowdy politicians at a time when the government has failed to deliver on its core obligation to revive the economy and create employment for millions of youths who have been the biggest casualties of a failed economy,” the statement read.

In the run-up to the 2013 harmonised elections, President Robert Mugabe promised to create two million jobs, but had failed to fulfil the promise nearly three years down the line.

“Since the 2013 elections, the country has witnessed a growing trend of cases of political violence perpetrated by the youths and this is a genuine cause for alarm,” the statement read.

“It is very much concerning that instead of improving the livelihoods of the young people, those echelons of power have instead turned youths into a weapon to entrench their stay into political offices or to fight perceived or unknown opponents”.

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