No succession wars in Zanu PF: Zhuwao

Misheck Shambare

President Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao on Tuesday said there is no need to talk about succession issues in Zanu PF, as President Mugabe is there to stay.

Speaking at the launch of the publication “Protracted Road to Transition: Dissecting Zimbabwe’s” succession conundrum”, by Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Patrick Zhuwao said there is no need to delve into issues of succession as the President is still endorsed by the people.

“We are just one year after the elections that put in power President Mugabe.
“There is no need to talk about succession issues right now when we still have some more four years before the next election.

Zhuwao added that the upcoming Zanu PF conference would delve into matters of ZIMASSET contrary to media reports that it will deal with matters of succession disputes and factionalism.

However Zhuwao dismissed the Crisis Coalition in Zimbabwe Coalition book saying it is a waste of time and resources.
“This book is a waste of resources because there are no succession disputes in Zanu PF as President Mugabe is the only leader.

“Some of you describe him as a nonagenarian leader which is not a secret to anyone but the people did know his age when they voted for him to be in power in June 2013 harmonised elections which makes him the legitimate ruler,” he said.

Zhuwao added that the scenarios in the book are irrelevant and misplaced since we are four years away from the next plebiscite.

Mfundo Mlilo Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Spokesperson defended the book by saying Zhuwao was being dishonest for issues of succession in the ruling Zanu PF.

“The only predictable thing in Zanu PF is its unpredictability.

“Zanu PF no longer respects the constitution of the party by disrespecting Vice President Mujuru who is supposed to be a superior and respected in the party which is not the current situation at the moment,” he said.

The book “Protracted Road To Transition: Dissecting Zimbabwe’s succession Conundrum” talks about three transitions scenarios that could emanate from the succession wrangle in Zanu PF which are Democratic, Oligarchic and Precluded.

Commenting on why Zanu PF is attacking Vice President Mujuru at the moment, Patrick Zhuwao said in the absence of weaker opposition we can afford to take up upon ourselves to ensure transparency.

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