Zimbabwe’s much-hyped indigenization policy has never benefited any ordinary Zimbabwean except a connected clique of Zanu PF heavyweights, an MDC official has said.

Speaking at a meeting held at a local hotel in Harare last week, the former St Mary’s Member of Parliament and MDC-T returnee, Job Sikhala said the policy never existed for Zimbabweans but was only used as an election gimmick.

“We are debating an agenda which Zanu PF itself is no longer talking about. Since their victory in  2013, Zanu PF is no longer willing to debate the issue to do with the policy.

“Its all agenda setting, wanting to be at the centre of the news at the expense of all Zimbabweans,” said Sikhala.

He went on to blast the promises of the policy.

“The promised two million jobs which they have failed to deliver was meant just to please the already suffering youths in the country.

“The policy saw the creation of looting clubs spearheaded by Zanu PF bigwigs who used the policy for personal gains, said Sikhala.

According to Sikhala, Zanu PF  factionalism is driven by the desire to control resources.

“The current factionalism, which has rocked the Zanu PF, is driven by the quench to control national  resources .All what  Zanu PF people think about is to control resources at the expense of the crumbling economy,” said Sikhala.

He went on to point the fight between Gono and Kasukuwere as the battle to control resources.

Marcellina Chikasha, President of Africa Development Party echoed the above sentiments when she said that Zanu PF’s policies are always bogus.

Referring to Zim Asset, Chikasha said that the policy is packaged in a pleasing way but the truth is that is not for the ordinary Zimbabwean

“The policy has been dismissed and it’s now a folk-tale. Come 2018 they will look for another lie to confuse Zimbabweans,” Chikasha said.

Wellington Zindove, the Director Youth Forum who was also part of the panel said the indigenization policy was good for the country as it gives Zimbabweans an opportunity to own resources as well as being self sustainable.

“We should not just blast government policies for the sake of blasting. We should change this culture and look clearly at the policies,” said Zindove

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