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Media Centre Overal Goal

Is to facilitate the free flow of information in Zimbabwe through support to media workers, civil society and citizens to enable them to have access to information and access to mediums of communication and enjoy their rights to freedom of communication, right to receive and impart information as a contribution to the fulfillment of personal, community and national development goals and democracy.

To achieve this The Media Centre desires to see these specific objectives achieved:

1. Facilitate awareness raising among media workers on key issues in Zimbabwe.

2. Afford civil society a one stop platform for interacting with media hence give CSOs a voice.

3. Ensure the safety of media workers and organizations through legal assistance.

4. Assist media advocacy groups with information and analysis of legal issues as and when necessary to facilitate effective advocacy with authorities.

5. Ensure adequate coverage of issues in Zimbabwe and their reporting by the media for the public good and awareness.

6. Ensure access to information by the media through various platforms.

7. Ensure coverage of CSOs and other related issues through close interaction with the media.

8. Ensure access to information for Zimbabwe citizens through efficient distribution of informational products such as newspapers, pamphlets etc.

9. Assist in the attainment of skills in media distribution as part of aiding the role of independent media and access to information by the citizenry.

10. Enhance media reporting skills of Zimbabwe’s media workers.

11. Seek more coordination of media workers and organizations in Zimbabwe for optimum utilization of resources.

12. Ensure access to information to media and CSOs through library and documentation services.

Target group of the Media Centre

The Media Centre shall be open to all media workers in the private, public/state owned media, foreign owned media and those freelancing, including media students and civil society person/organizations.

Media Centre Vision

The vision of the Media Centre is for a Zimbabwe in which the Media and Civil Society are free to exercise their right to the freedom of expression, association and access to information using various platforms and channels including, but not limited to information communication technologies (ICTs), public meetings and such other forums that may be relevant to the advancement of their socio-economic status.

The Media Centre strives to be a people centered, neutral and efficient platform for media and civic society interaction, information sharing and awareness raising through the provision of a secure space, information, access to communication technologies and training.

Media Centre Mission

The mission of the Media Centre is to assist in the realization of a Zimbabwe in which the Media and Civil Society are free to exercise their right to the freedom of expression, association and access to information, through:

delivering relevant training in print and broadcasting skills to working media practitioners throughout Africa;

helping media practitioners from across Africa meet, learn from each other share experiences; supporting and initiating training programmes which help stimulate the development of sound news values and an appreciation of the key role of the media in society;

working with media practitioners to improve professional standards and developing conducive working conditions and technical expertise;

having a particular commitment to assisting media practitioners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds;

supporting the right to free speech and freedom of information;

supporting media and training policies which uphold non-racialism and gender equality, and oppose all forms of harassment; and

uphold integrity and truth-telling in the media by all democratic means.


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