From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World. #16Days

By Sineke Sibanda
Several philosophers and academics have attempted to define what peace is and what it is not. In all their attempts, they all seem to agree that peace is achieving not only political stability, absence of war or economic solidity; they seem to go further in articulating that peace is attaining social and psychological stability because it is the psycho-social state of any person that defines the level of their commitment in achieving what they set their minds to do.

What is so phenomenal about this year’s theme is the concept of charity beginning at home. Note that I have left out the part on. Quite often, the human species tends to be very excited about achieving the bigger dream without noting that the rain feels up the dams by falling down as drops not just flooding through. What strikes me the most is the power in individuality in the theme. I’m sure we have heard of countries or shared a similar experience of being one unhappy mob yet we claim that we are happy and peaceful. However, that kind of peace has been negative and unsustainable because it has been a fear-led kind of peace, which time and again does not in any way improve the psycho-social state of individuals. People still remain in their chains of unpronounced fear.


It is therefore key to note that logic is more determinant in confirming that we need to start from the smaller units of influence that we live in and then expand the influence globally. The idea basically here is that if you play your part and I play mine, we are contributing to the larger community which makes it easy for all of us to raise awareness on why it is important to commemorate these 16 days.

The sad thing is that we always talk about commemorating this special day, it is probably time we stopped talking and started doing something in our smaller beats so that the little peace we make happen for ourselves in our homes, we can also make happen for others in the entire world. We cannot always be about raising awareness, we probably need to get to our destination, for the past 24 years we have been talking about raising awareness but I believe that this time around, we just have to make things happen, don’t be worried about the world, worry about where you are and because as humans we are so interconnected, you will be amazed how this unity of purpose (where you play your part and I do the same), will bring us uniquely together in achieving our dreams and ultimately our bigger dream…

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Zanu PF won’t listen to MDC-T: Mnangagwa

Zanu PF has vowed to continue pressing ahead with its programmes regardless of protests by the opposition MDC-T Members of Parliament concerning alleged violations of the ConstitutionSpeaking in Mataga last week, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa said First Lady Grace Mugabe would continue handing over government-sourced farming equipment at party rallies despite protests by parliamentarians.

Vice President Emmerson D. Mnangagwa

Vice President Emmerson D. Mnangagwa

“They asked me why [Grace] was donating government equipment when she was not part of government, but I vexed them with English and told them that there is a difference between donating and handing over and they sat down with tails tucked,” he said.The VP said the MDC-T, whose numbers had dwindled in Parliament, could continue making noise in the august House, but that would not stop the “Zanu PF train”.

“They can continue complaining and talking, but Zanu PF will not be stopped. We will continue to rule and rule and rule,” he said.

Mnangagwa’s statements came just after Grace had handed over four tractors, plough shears, planters and an assortment of foodstuffs to villagers in Mataga.

The tractors are part of a government-to-government loan agreement between Zimbabwe and Brazil.

The VP seemed to endorse the First Lady’s call that MDC-T president, Morgan Tsvangirai should never be allowed to rule Zimbabwe.

“He asked white people to put Zimbabwe under sanctions and asked them to remove the sanctions only when he gets into power, but he won’t get into power. How will he get into power, in which year and who would have allowed him to get that power? This country came through the blood of our ancestors . . . the bones of Mbuya Nehanda will rise again, it will never happen for him to rule Zimbabwe,” Grace said.

The First Lady also attacked former Zanu PF spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, saying he was a sell out even during the liberation struggle.

She said he was busy circulating messages in Mberengwa promoting a yet-to-be-formed political party, People First, which is expected to be led by fired Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

She called on the people of Mberengwa, were Gumbo hails from, to throw the party out of their space if they wanted development.

Source: Newsday

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